International Relations Department

36011, Poltava, 23 Shevchenka Str. Ukrainian Medical Stomatological Academy morphological building, 4th floor, room 413
phone number: +38 (0532) 60-67-61, email:

Shkurupii Iryna
Head of The International Relations Department

International activity is one of the important areas of the Academy's work, which is closely connected with scientific and educational processes. 
It is focused on accelerating the exchange of knowledge and technology, the development of innovative forms of medical education and science based on the study of foreign experience.

One of the priorities of UMSA in the direction of international cooperation is to create conditions for further development of scientific cooperation with foreign health care institutions, medical schools by establishing and developing direct contacts, constant collection and analysis of information about cooperation with educational and medical institutions abroad, participation in international educational and scientific programs, competitions, conferences, invitations of foreign teachers, internships of teachers, students and graduate students abroad.

The most effective forms of international cooperation implemented in the academy include:

  • development and implementation of bilateral cooperation programs with foreign universities;
  • conclusion and implementation of cooperation agreements;
  • participation in international educational and research projects;
  • development and implementation of international scientific and educational projects in the field of medicine;
  • cooperation with international organizations, embassies of foreign countries in Ukraine and diplomatic missions of Ukraine abroad;
  • membership in international organizations;
  • cooperation with scientific and educational institutions of Europe and the world;
  • participation in international exhibitions, scientific and educational forums;
  • internships for teachers and students, graduate students abroad;
  • organization and holding of international seminars, conferences;
  • training of medical personnel for foreign countries;
  • advertising activities of educational services of the academy to attract new foreign students.

The main activities of the department of international relations are:

  • exchange of academic teaching staff and students between the academy and its foreign partners;
  • interaction of the academy with international organizations in the field of medical education;
  • organization and implementation of cooperation with advanced clinics of foreign countries;
  • organization and holding of international events (conferences, seminars, meetings, master classes), internships of students and teachers of the academy abroad;
  • involvement of foreign specialists in the educational process at the academy;
  • organization and coordination of work on the implementation of international scientific and educational projects and programmes, etc.